The Cryptopia Foundation

Using crypto & blockchain technology to help develop & empower the impoverished, indigenous people of Guatemala.


John Hatch, Co-Founder of Cryptopia, was born in Guatemala when his parents travelled there as aid workers following the earthquake of 1976.  Soon after, John moved to the US and grew up in Ohio.  Aged 18, John travelled to Central America, spending several years in this region, before eventually settling back in the remote jungles of Guatemala.

When first returning in 2011, John had very little – he bought a piece of land and built everything from the ground up.  That project has evolved into the Utopia Eco Hotel, which as well as providing a truly beautiful and unique setting, has also had a positive impact on the local indigenous people, providing jobs, medical aid and economic growth through tourism.

Having lived with the local people for more than a decade, John has a profound understanding of their difficulties and hardships, particularly around education and health.  These are aspects that John feels driven to help improve.

Here and Now

Cryptopia is the brainchild of 3 experienced crypto investors, whose paths crossed in early 2021 through a shared passion for making the world a better place and everything crypto-related.

Starting life purely as a YouTube channel, the objective was to provide high-quality, easy-to-watch content, in a unique jungle setting. Cryptopia also operates a community VC, raising early-stage funds for the most promising web3 start-ups.

The VC has created the means for John & the team to launch  The Cryptopia Foundation, with several donations and projects already completed, including:

All of these projects have been funded entirely by the Cryptopia team, using profits from the VC.  We have not asked for any direct donations from our community.

Please click “Watch Now” or play the video below to see the school and some of the plans in place to help.

Forthcoming projects

1. Fund & build a medical clinic to serve the local community

Access to medical care is one of the major issues for the indigenous people of Guatemala.  Average life expectancy is dramatically shortened, often due to very treatable conditions which are not addressed in time, or at all. 12,000 people live within walking distance of the clinic and would directly benefit from this life-changing facility.

Please watch this short video walk-through of the clinic plans:

2. Launch a community crypto gaming guild

Play to earn gaming guilds are now commonplace, but are generally used for purely commercial means.  The Cryptopia guild will benefit the local people directly, in multiple ways:

The upstairs area of the medical clinic would provide an office environment for the guild, where computers and other required technology would be provided, as well as offering a safe place for the scholars to work.

How can you help?

Although welcome, we don’t ask for direct donations to the Cryptopia Foundation – funding is generally provided through our own initiatives, but this is something you can get involved with.

By simply participating in raises through the VC, you are positively impacting the lives of the indigenous people of Guatemala.  Cryptopia uses profits from the VC to fund The Cryptopia Foundation.

To get involved with the VC, simply join our Telegram or Discord – all the information you need is there.

Our forthcoming Karma NFT collection, once sold, will entirely fund the medical clinic, as well as provide excellent utility for investors.  The collection is, of course, based around the jungles of Guatemala – please watch our sneak preview video.

Each NFT sold will be a step closer to building the medical clinic and providing the life-saving service the indigenous people so desperately need.

The collection will launched end of Q3 2022 – please join our Telegram or Discord to keep updated.

Combining early-stage investment, unique YouTube content & a focus on community & charity – we are Cryptopia!

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